austin abrams

Ethan Daley from Euphoria

Ethan Daley (Austin Abrams) is a recurring character in Euphoria. He is Kat‘s main love interest. Despite his feelings for her, they are on and off again despite never really being in a committed relationship. Ethan also portrays Nate in Lexi’s play, performing a musical number to “Holding Out For a Hero.” All you’d need for that look is a pair of gold pants and white sneakers!

Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson (Austin Abrams) is a character in AMC’s The Walking Dead. He starts as a minor character in Season 5 and becomes an antagonist in Season 6. After Rick Grimes executes his father, Ron spirals into anger, trauma, and revenge. He develops a hatred for Rick as well as Carl, whom Ron accuses of stealing his girlfriend, and plots their murders. In his failure to do so, Michonne stabs him with her katana, and Ron shoots the gun in reflex, which hits Carl’s right eye.


Dash from Dash & Lily

Dash (Austin Abrams) is a main character in the 2020 Netflix show Dash & Lily In this holiday romantic comedy, Dash harbors cynicism about Christmas. After finding a notebook at Strand Books in New York City, he writes in response to the optimistic Lily, who adores the holidays and romance. Dash and Lily continue passing the notebook to each other, communicating through the pages. Eventually they plan to meet, which both scares and excites them.

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