Victoria Page from The Red Shoes

Victoria Page is a character from the 1948 classic film The Red Shoes, and is played by Moira Shearer. The story comes from a folktale and published by Hans Christian Andersen. The film follows Victoria who is an aspiring ballerina who is faced with the choice of choosing between dance and the man she loves.

In the iconic ballet performance scene, she wears bright red ballet shoes that tie up with ribbon,  white tights, a blush or cream long tulle skirt, a leotard with appliqués and a blue bow in her hair. If you enjoy sewing and want to add the blue details to her top, sew or attach a blue ruffle/pleated trim along the edge that matches her hair bow.

The Twins from Atomic Heart

The Twins (voiced by Anita Pudikova) are ballerina robots created as bodyguards for Dmitry Sechenov in the video game Atomic Heart.  Known as only Left and Right, the humanoid Twins were created with the most advanced technology available, making them as deadly as they are lovely.  The twins have smooth silver faces and lithe bodies.  To recreate their look, you can start with a full head-to-toe metallic silver bodysuit and layer a black leotard overtop.  If you don’t have hair long enough to style as a braided crown, use a wig, but either way, you’ll want to go heavy on the gold hairspray to get as close to the static metal hair look as possible.  Depending on which Twin you choose to play, you may also need a gold cropped jacket.  Lastly, add a red star sticker to the center of your expressionless forehead and, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can also add gold details to your elbows, wrists, knees, and feet with some fabric paint.

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