black mirror

Yorkie and Kelly from “San Junipero”

Yorkie (MacKenzie Davis) and Kelly Booth (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) are the protagonists of “San Junipero,” an episode of the British sci-fi anthology, Black Mirror. The episode has been critically acclaimed and has won two Emmy awards. Set in the beach resort town of San Junipero, the plot centers around Yorkie and Kelly’s love story throughout the decades. Its twist reveals an elderly Yorkie on her deathbed, for the town is part of nostalgia therapy that involves simulated reality. When Kelly dies, she chooses to join Yorkie in San Junipero so they can be eternally happily together. This would make a great couples costume for fans of the show. For Kelly’s look, use hot glue or E6000 to adhere the rhinestones on the collar and all around the purple fringe jacket. Then attach the rhinestone patches to each shoulder. You can get a better look of her jacket here.

Fifteen Million Merits

“Fifteen Million Merits” is the second episode of the dystopian thriller, Black Mirror. The plot revolves around a group of people who ride stationary bikes to earn merits that pay for their daily activities. Bing (Daniel Kaluuya) inherits fifteen million merits from his deceased brother, which he uses to buy Abi (Jessica Brown Findlay) a ticket for the televised talent show, Hot Shot. She sings “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand),” a song that’s used throughout the series.

Striking Vipers from Black Mirror

Striking Vipers from Black Mirror

In season 5, episode 1 of Black Mirror, Striking Vipers is a virtual fighting game that best friends Danny Parker (Anthony Mackie) and Karl (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) like to play late at night. But they get a little too into character with their chosen fighters, Roxette (Pom Klementieff) and Lance (Ludi Lin), and end up doing much more than just fisticuffs.

Ashley O from Black Mirror

Ashley O from Black Mirror

Ashley O (Miley Cyrus), full name Ashley Ortiz, is a Grammy-winning pop singer in Black Mirror season 5, episode 3, entitled “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”. Adopted and managed by her aunt, Ashley O becomes disillusioned with her saccharine image and crass commercialization, forcing her aunt to take extreme measures to keep the money train rolling.

Colin Ritman from Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Colin Ritman from Bandersnatch

In Black Mirror’s interactive movie Bandersnatch, Colin Ritman (Will Poulter) is a world famous video game designer who works at Tuckersoft, the company that produces young programmer Stefan Butler’s (Fionn Whitehead) the adventure game Bandersnatch, adapted from Jerome F. Davies’s choose-your-own-adventure book of the same name.