bob’s burgers

Gene Belcher

Gene Belcher (Eugene Mirman) is the fart-noise-loving, keyboard-playing, clueless middle child of Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda Belcher (John Roberts) in the Fox series, Bob’s Burgers. He’s your average 11-year-old boy, and maintains a close relationship with his sisters, Tina (Dan Mintz) and Louise (Kristen Schaal), although he often finds himself wrapped up in Louise’s schemes. More than anything, he wants to be a musician.

Mr. Frond

In Bob’s Burgers, Mr. Phillip Frond (voiced by David Herman) is the guidance counselor at Wagstaff Elementary School. He is a tall drink of annoying who uses a vast arsenal of therapy tools like crisis crayons and therapy puppets.

Felix Fischoeder

In Bob’s Burgers, Felix Fischoeder (voiced by Zach Galifianakis) is Mr. Calvin Fischoeder’s younger brother who’s as equally eccentric as he is. Felix is responsible for Calvin’s missing eye though how this happened is unknown.

Mr. Calvin Fischoeder

In Bob’s Burgers, Mr. Calvin Fischoeder (voiced by Kevin Kline) is Bob Belcher’s wealthy and eccentric landlord. As his name implies, he runs several shady side businesses as well as owning several properties in town.

Aunt Gayle

Aunt Gayle, voiced by Megan Mullally, is the sensitive and unstable sister of Linda Belcher. Her hobbies include painting animal butts and pining after men. She stops by for a visit every now and then, and is seen wearing large blue glasses and a fanny pack.

Linda Belcher

Linda is the enthusiastic and supportive mother of the Belcher family. Her loud and outgoing personality compliments her quiet husband’s personality as they work together in the restaurant. Her day-to-day wear consists of a red long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and big red glasses.

Louise Belcher

Louise is the youngest of the Belcher family and thrives on conflict and adventure, even if it means endangering herself or her family. She has an odd sense of humor and is fond of slapping people. Though she periodically changes out of her green dress, she’s never seen without her trademark pink bunny hat on.

Tina Belcher

Tina Belcher (voiced by Dan Mintz), the eldest daughter on Bob’s Burgers, takes teenage angst to a new level. Her functional retro style takes her from mornings pining over Jimmy Jr. to evenings flipping burgers. With the time left over, she can practice Capoeira… or at least make sure her siblings stay out of trouble.


In Bob’s Burgers, Beefsquatch is a character Gene Belcher creates to crash Bob’s audition for a cooking segment on a morning talk show. Beefsquatch is a sasquatch who likes beef, as the name suggests.

Bob Belcher

Bob Belcher is the owner and chef of Bob’s Burgers, a humble family-run restaurant. Although Bob’s cooking is excellent, the business suffers from all kinds of misfortunes, but it always bounces back with its Grand Re-Re-Openings.

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