british navy

Captain Nigel Badminton from Our Flag Means Death

Captain Nigel Badminton (Rory Kinnear) is a character in the HBO Max series, Our Flag Means Death. He is a British Naval officer who encounters Stede Bonnet aboard his ship, The Revenge. As children, Nigel teased Stede for being a cowardly rich boy. As an adult, he continues his bullying, for he mocks Stede’s lavish lifestyle and delusion of piratehood. However, Stede accidentally assists in his death, when he knocks Nigel unconscious, causing him to fall on his sword and stab himself in the eye. From then on, he appears as a hallucination, taunting Stede in his moments of doubt. He has a twin brother named Chauncey Badminton, who searches for his mysteriously absent sibling.

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