Brittany Lauda

Doctor from Akudama Drive

Doctor (voiced in Japanese by Megumi Ogata and in English by Brittany Lauda) is one of the main characters in the anime Akudama Drive.

Out of the members of the main group, she has one of the higher prison sentences due to several severe instances of murder and malpractice. She enjoys the feeling of being cruel, and tends to act out of petty revenge in drastic ways for the simplest of offenses against her.

She has voluminous pink hair with strands of light blue at the ends partially tied back with a black scrunchie, and she has goldish eyes with blue eyeshadow around them. Her theming is very pink and purple, with gold accenting. She has pink half rectangle glassesĀ  and a purpley-gold stethescope chest piece necklace. Her outfit consists of a very tight purple bodysuit with a sheer purple corset piece and micro skirt over top, she wears a white labcoat as a jacket, and has thigh high black boots with purple heels. Doctor has deep peach lipstick, pinkish-purple and blue painted nails, and she wears the same detonator choker as the rest of the group.

Kon from Kemono Jihen

Kon (voiced in Japanese by Yumiri Hanamori and in English by Brittany Lauda) is one of the antagonists turned mains in the anime Kemono Jihen.

She is a kitsune (fox) and used to be party of Lady Inari’s group, along with Nobimaru, but defected early on to go with Kabane and his friends, which was a much safer and happier option for her.

As a kitsune, she has some typical fox traits, including the light tan fluffy ears and tail that she hides in her hoodie, and small fangs. She has soft purple blue eyes and light blond hair tied in two low ponytails by her neck.

Her main outfit that she wears is a black striped white FOX brand hoodie with ear covers, hairclips on the edge of the hood, a black choker, black fingerless short gloves, black leggings with purple stripes crossing up them, and white sneakers with black side stripes.

Osana Najimi from Yandere Simulator_

Osana Najimi from Yandere Simulator

Osana Najimi (voiced by Brittany Lauda) is the first rival the player meets when they start the gameĀ Yandere Simulator. She serves as the game’s tutorial and a prickly one at that. Not that you’d know by looking at her style, however. She has a sweet sense of fashion that makes for an excellent cosplay.

Since the game takes place at school, most of Osana’s outfit is a standard school uniform. A white blouse with a blue sailor collar and red necktie, a blue pleated skirt, and black slip on shoes. Her personal style comes in with her long red hair pulled back in pigtails by red scrunches and decorated with a red ribbon bow, and with her pink polka dot socks.

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