Casey Lee Williams

Neopolitan (School Disguise) from RWBY

Neo is a major antagonist in the online series RWBY, created by Rooster Teeth. While she doesn’t speak, she does technically have some small sounds that she makes, which are provided by Casey Lee Williams in English, and by Konomi Fujimura in Japanese.

She has the ability to change her appearance into whatever she wishes, due to her Semblance ‘Overactive Imagination’, and uses this for many infiltration purposes. During volume 3, she joins in with the rest of Cinder’s team to sneak into Beacon and take part in the Vytal Festival Tournament, though we only see her in this disguise in one very brief scene.

Neo’s normally tri-colored hair is changed to black for this disguise, and worn up in two long pigtails, tied with white bows. Her eyes are green upon first seeing her, but right at the moment of attack, she lets her heterochromia show, and you can see her pink and brown eyes again. Her shirt is a black, sleeveless crop stop with a high collar, tied with a black ribbon, and topped with white ruffle accents. The bottom half appears to be a black and white paneled skirt (the angle makes it very difficult to tell if they’re shorts or a skirt), with a white belt at the top and white ribbon detailing along the side. The outfit is finished off with elbow-length black gloves, white and black leg warmers, and black boots with her symbol on the bottom.

Neopolitan (Waiter Disguise) from RWBY

In this article I’ll be covering the waiter disguise that Neo wears briefly during Volume 7 of RWBY, when she’s gathering information.

In this disguise, her eyes are a bold green, while her hair is black, worn just down to her shoulders, with choppy bangs held in place by two silver barrettes, and tied in the back in a small ponytail. The outfit consists of a black button up shirt, tied with a black neck ribbon, a black vest, black slacks, and black formal heeled shoes.

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