Blair from Soul Eater

Blair (voiced in Japanese by Emiri Kato and in English by Leah Clark) is a secondary main character in the anime/manga series Soul Eater.

She is a cat shifter with a high level of magic, and the reason that Soul and Maka have to restart their entire soul collecting journey from the beginning, as they took hers thinking that she was a witch, which threw off their entire process. After throwing a wrench in their plans, she ends up moving in to their apartment, and proceeds to just be a general nuisance. She is very impulsive and likes to flirt with people, often times for her own gain, be it monetary or otherwise.

Blair, in her human form, has long purple hair that’s styled up into loose, gravity defying swirls on the sides of her head, and muted tone golden cat-like eyes. Her outfit is almost entirely black, with white details and includes a tall witches hat with a similar swirl coming from the top, though more jagged, a very short black dress with a partial turtleneck collar and white trim at the hem, extremely long pointed toe high-heeled black boots, and tight black detached sleeves that have a long draped piece at the wrist. This is finished off with a silver bell at her collar, that is also visible in her cat form.

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