Chris Hackney

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald from Bungo Stray Dogs

Fitzgerald (voiced in Japanese by Takahiro Sakurai and in English by Chris Hackney) is one of the early series semi-antagonists in the anime/manga Bungo Stray Dogs.

He is named after the author of The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald and has powers that are all based on monetary spending of his own assets.

He has short blonde hair worn with styled up bangs, and bright blue eyes. His initial outfit is a pink button-up shirt, a white tie with red striping, a black open shirt, and a cream colored two piece suit with light brown accents and gold buttons. He finishes it off with a black belt and brown formal shoes.

Illumi Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter

Illumi Zoldyck (voiced in Japanese by Masaya Matsukaze and in English by Chris Hackney) is one of the main antagonists in the anime/manga HunterxHunter.

He is the oldest of the Zoldyck siblings and is one of the more threatening ones purely from action. Illumi specializes in appearance-shifting and controlling people’s actions through the pins that he wears imbedded into his shirt.

As with most of his siblings, Illumi has black hair, worn very long and slicked back (sometimes down slightly on the sides), and his eyes are very overwhelmingly full, and pure black. He has a few different outfit through the series, but this one is one of the main ones we usually see. It’s a multi-toned green and yellow shirt and pants set, with off-yellow socks, and shoes that match the color of the pants. His typical weapons, the pins, are imbedded all over the top and shoes for usage.

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