colm feore

Reginald Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy

Reginald Hargreeves is a character in the Darkhorse comic series, The Umbrella Academy. In the Netflix adaptation of the same name, he is portrayed by Colm Feore. Known as “The Monocle,” Reginald is an eccentric billionaire who adopted seven children with superhuman abilities. Dubbed the Umbrella Academy, he trained the seven to become superheroes. Due to his selfish yet mysterious motives, he was a less than stellar father figure. He can be downright abusive, such as locking Klaus in mausoleums and suppressing Vanya‘s powers. In the first episode, breaking news announces his death, and the Hargreeves siblings reunite to investigate. They meet him again in the second season when Five teleports them to the 1960s. Diego believes Reginald is involved with JFK assassination. Spoilers: Reginald is revealed as an alien (which never gets explained) and in the next timeline, starts the Sparrow Academy.

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