Chappell Roan from her NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Chappell Roan is a rising singer-songwriter that has a unique style when it comes to her stage costumes. She is inspired by drag and isn’t afraid to go all out glam in her performances. Her fans have taken a love to her style and share their concert-going costumes and outfits online where they show off their creativity by recreating her looks and making their own.

One recent look of hers is from her NPR Tiny Desk performance. To create this, wear a pink short dress, pink gloves, a pink and silver butterfly necklace, silver tiara, and red teased-up wig. In the wig, wear various silver butterfly clips throughout. For makeup wear a white foundation, blue eyeshadows, light pink and peach blush, pink lipstick, and purple lip liner.

George Harrison from the Rooftop Concert

Like most things Beatles, their 1969 rooftop concert in central London was iconic, and so were their outfits that day. Before the police eventually shut down their performance, the Fab Four played numbers from their Get Back sessions, which would ultimately comprise their final album Let It Be. George Harrison’s look is best remembered for his shaggy fur coat, bright green pants, and of course his Rosewood Tele.

Hayley Williams of Paramore

Hayley Williams of Paramore at The Final Riot Concert

Hayley Williams is a multi-talented singer, once hailed as the “great orange hope” by John Mayer the her iconic dyed orange hair she had in the Paramore band’s early days, and an accomplished musician in her own right. With her Paramore bandmade Taylor York, Williams has recently released a groundbreaking solo album which candidly gives insight to her personal struggles. Although Hayley Williams’ personal aesthetic has evolved considerably since her debut in the music world, we can’t help but go back to the classic redheaded punk look she sported during Paramore concerts in the mid 2000’s.

To cut and style the red wig we’ve linked below, you can follow this YouTube video tutorial for Scene haircuts.

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