ethan hawke

Flannery O’Connor from Wildcat

Wildcat is a biographical drama that follows the life of writer Flannery O’Connor, and is played by Maya Hawke. The film tells the story of her struggle in publishing her first novel and being diagnosed with lupus. Her novel was published in 1952.

To dress like Flannery O’Connor in the film, wear a gray or brown wool coat, a silk printed or knit scarf, a blue beret, 1950s style glasses, and brown gloves.

Sheriff Jake from Strange Way of Life

Sheriff Jake is one of the main characters from the Pedro Almodovar short film Strange Way of Life, and is played by Ethan Hawke. This western film is in a way Almodovar’s own take on Brokeback Mountain, which he was originally meant to direct but wasn’t fully allowed to create it in his own way. This short is his answer to that. The film follows Silva who after twenty five years, rides across the desert to visit Sheriff Jake, but Jake believes he is there for an ulterior motive.

Jake wears a navy blazer, black cowboy hat, blue shirt, black western bow tie, sheriff badge, black pants, and black cowboy boots.

the grabber from the black phone

The Grabber from The Black Phone

The Grabber (played by Ethan Hawke) is the horrifying antagonist of the film The Black Phone, based on the short story of the same name.  The Grabber is a child abductor and serial killer who wears a terrifying white devil mask with a mouth that can change from smiling to frowning.  When he abducts his latest victim, the Grabber dresses as a magician with a black top hat and white face makeup.  To recreate his look, you’ll likely need to cut the arms off a red turtleneck sweater, as short-sleeved versions can be difficult to find, and layer it under a black polo shirt left unbuttoned.  If you want to wear a devil mask as part of your costume, you use some white spray paint to alter a more commonly available red one.  Alternately, a lower face mask designed for paintball can get the job done with some white face paint.

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