“Leatherheads” is a comedy film about the early days of professional American football in the 1920’s. The film’s main character, Jimmy “Dodge” Connelly, is loosely based on real-life football player, Harold “Red” Grange, The team, the Duluth Bulldogs, is loosely based on the Duluth Eskimos.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Leprechaun

The Leprechaun is the feisty mascot of Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish sports teams. He brings good luck and is ready to battle anything that comes his way.

Ed Hochuli

Ed Hochuli is the most famous referee in the NFL, known for his barrel chest, chiseled jaw, and burmese pythons that even dwarf the football players he officiates. I want to be Ed Hochuli.

Joe Namath

Joe Namath, a.k.a. “Broadway Joe”, won Super Bowl III while he was quarterback for the New York Jets. He stepped out during Super Bowl XLVIII in his signature fur coat for the (premature) coin flip. If you want to recreate his look, you could check out thrift shops like this guy.

Andy Reid

NFL coach Andy Reid was fired by the Philadelphia Eagles following a 4-12 season. He gave the Eagles the old middle finger by leading the Kansas City Chiefs to an 8-0 start and beating them the very next season.

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