Frances Turner

Barb Howard from Fallout

A new TV series has been going viral online for its spot-on live action adaptation of the video game franchise Fallout that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. This series depicts the aftermath of The Great War of 2077, where survivors take refuge in fallout shelters or Vaults, which are actually all created as different experiments on the people who live in them. It follows a woman named Lucy who leaves Vault 33 to find her father in the dangerous wasteland of what is left of Los Angeles. She runs into a Ghoul bounty hunter, originally named Cooper Howard. In the series we also get to meet Cooper’s wife named Barb Howard, and learn more about their story as the series progresses.

To dress like Barb Howard, wear a 50s style peach or pink dress, a short deep brown curly wig, retro heels, and pearl jewelry.

You can also match as a couple or family following my guide for her husband Cooper Howard and daughter Janey Howard.

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