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Asbel from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Asbel (voiced by Yoji Matsuda and Shia LaBeouf) is a main character in the anime feature film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.  Asbel meets the titular princess Nausicaä after his city is attacked.  Asbel has dark brown hair and wears very muted colors.  To recreate his look from the film, you’ll need brown shoes, beige pants, and a tan shirt.  He wears a brown pilot’s cap and a brown belt.  Asbel also dons a darker jacket and brown gloves as well as cream colored scarf which he wraps around his mouth to protect himself from the toxic air.

Nausicaä from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaä (voiced by Sumi Shimamoto and Alison Lohman) is the titular protagonist of the Studio Ghibli film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.  Nausicaä is a princess who finds herself embroiled in war in a world of ecological disaster alongside Asbel.  Nausicaä has short red hair and wears primarily blue.  To recreate her look, you’ll need beige pants, brown shoes, blue leg warmers and gloves, and red teardrop earrings.  You can purchase a cosplay set that includes a hat, jacket, and belt, or assemble your own with pieces that look similar.  Her filtration mask can be difficult to find unless you are willing to pay a lot or make your own from scratch.  However, you can craft a reasonable facsimile with a respirator mask, dog ear headband, paint, and glue.  Cut the ears from the headband and glue them to the sides of the mask, using the wire inside to shape them accordingly.  Then, spray paint the entire thing brown.  Just make sure you leave yourself enough time for it to dry!

ashitaka from princess mononoke

Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke

The Prince of Emishi Village, Ashitaka is a kind and peaceful man afflicted by a demon curse in the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke.  After his town is attacked by a demon, whom he kills, Ashitaka is tasked with discovering why the boar was so afflicted.  Ashitaka joins forces with San after they meet when she attacks Irontown, leaving him with a cut on his cheek.

Yubaba spirited away character

Yubaba from Spirited Away

Yubaba is the main antagonist in Spirited Away, an animated film created by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. She is the owner and employer of the Bathhouse. She tricks the bathhouse workers by stealing their names and only freeing them if they can remember it. Some of her other powers include fire breathing and flying. Compared to her identical twin, Zeniba, she’s considered the evil one. Our protagonist, Chihiro, finds her much more intimidating. Yubaba is extremely overbearing, but she can be seen as a doting mother to her giant baby, Boh. She embodies greed because she obsesses over gold, valuing money more than her own family.

porco rosso

Porco Rosso

In the English version of Porco Rosso, Michael Keaton voices the titular character.  A former WWI fighter ace, Marco is cursed and therefore forced to spend his days as an anthropomorphic pig who goes by the name Porco Rosso and makes his living as a bounty hunter who chases air pirates.  Porco Rosso’s clothing consists of pretty standard pilot clothing including sunglasses, goggles, and a scarf.

Haku (Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi)

In Spirited Away, when Chihiro Ogino (Rumi Hiiragi/Daveigh Chase) crosses into the Spirit World, Haku (Miyu Irino/Jason Marsden) is the first spirit she truly interacts with, and he acts as her protector throughout the film. When Haku is affected by a curse, Chihiro heals him with a magic dumpling and her pure love for him. Near the end of the story, Haku is revealed to be the spirit of the Kohaku River that Chihiro had fallen into as a small child. This explained his unusual knowledge of, and closeness to, her.


Granmamare (voiced by Yuki Amami in Japan, and Cate Blanchett in the American release) is not only the Goddess of Mercy and the Queen of the Ocean, but she is also the mother of Ponyo in the 2008 Studio Ghibli film “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.” She can change size at will, often enormous but occasionally the size of a human in order to interact with other beings. Her blousy blue dress is reminiscent of the sea.

Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle

In Howl’s Moving Castle, Sophie is a young hatter who is turned into an old woman by the Witch of the Waste’s curse. It’s in this form that she encounters a wizard named Howl, and thats when her adventure begins.

Princess Mononoke

In Princess Mononoke, San is a young woman who was raised by the wolves and feels hatred for humans, but eventually comes to care for Ashitaka, a young warrior and the last prince of the Emishi tribe.


In Spirited Away, No-Face is a lonely spirit who follows Chihiro Ogino after he develops an interest in her sincerity. He soon becomes obsessed with her though and tries to win her affections with gold and stolen tokens for the bathhouse.

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