Hilary Haag

Safu from No.6

Safu (voiced in Japanese by Kiyono Yasuno, and in English by Hilary Haag) is one of the semi-main characters of the anime No.6.

At the start of the series she is Shion‘s best (possibly only?) friend, and makes some romantically inclined advances at him, though it’s unclear if it’s meant to be pursuing an actual relationship, or if she just doesn’t want to be separated from him.
She ends up becoming a very key part of what’s happening with the city later on towards the end of the short series.

Safu has almost shoulder-length dark brown hair, and brown eyes, and in this particular outfit she has an off-white long sleeved turtleneck, black leggings, brown boots, a deep red skirt, and over top of that she wears a greyish-white winter coat, with a long pink tasselled scarf.

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