Pomni (voiced by Lizzie Freeman) is the protagonist of the YouTube mini series The Amazing Digital Circus by GLITCH. After putting on a VR headset, a person gets transported to a circus themed video game, with the AI ringleader, Caine, as its host. Their avatar is a court jester who becomes known as Pomni – as the player is unable to remember their real name. Pomni meets five other players who experience similar amnesia. Together they struggle to retain their sanity in this surreal dystopia. Will Pomni ever find a way out, or is she truly trapped in the digital circus forever?

Jevil from Deltarune

Jevil is a portly imp and an antagonist in the game Deltarune.  In chapter 1 of the game, Jevil serves at the first bonus boss.  He is a Darkner and one of the holders of the Shadow Crystal.  Jevil has grey skin and wears a black and purple jester’s costume with a lime green collar and matching shoes.  With a purple tail and yellow teeth, he’s a truly peculiar-looking character.

Quackerjack from Darkwing Duck

Quackerjack is a recurring villain in both the Darkwing Duck animated series and comic books. He used to be a toymaker, but he was put out of business by the Whiffle Boy video game market. His hatred and jealousy spiraled him into madness, leading him down the path of evil. As Quackerjack, he dons a jester’s appearance and robs banks to fund his toy-making, as well as supply his arsenal of deadly toys. He has since become one of Negaduck’s Fearsome Five alongside Megavolt. His catchphrase is “It’s PLAYTIME!” You can assemble your own Jester’s hat and outfit, but Smiffy’s provides a good base. However it doesn’t come with tights or shoes, so we included mustard yellow tights and red jester shoes to better match the character.

Harley Quinn

Poor Dr. Harleen Quinzel, sometimes even psychiatrists break. After falling for The Joker and changing her name to Harley Quinn, the peppy sidekick became a loyal follower to the psychotic villain. When she’s not swooning over the Joker, you can find Harley hanging with best gal pal Poison Ivy or coming up with some clever disguise.

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