Quackerjack from Darkwing Duck

Quackerjack from Darkwing Duck

Quackerjack is a recurring villain in both the Darkwing Duck animated series and comic books. He used to be a toymaker, but he was put out of business by the Whiffle Boy video game market. His hatred and jealousy spiraled him into madness, leading him down the path of evil. As Quackerjack, he dons a jester's appearance and robs banks to fund his toy-making, as well as supply his arsenal of deadly toys. He has since become one of Negaduck's Fearsome Five alongside Megavolt. His catchphrase is "It's PLAYTIME!" You can assemble your own Jester's hat and outfit, but Smiffy's provides a good base. However it doesn't come with tights or shoes, so we included mustard yellow tights and red jester shoes to better match the character.

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