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Jim from Good Omens 2

Gabriel – now referred to as Jim – is a major character in Good Omens 2. He stumbles upon Aziraphale‘s bookstore with no prior memories of being an angel – and no clothes either. As Heaven and Hell search for him, Aziraphale and Crowley hide Jim while also investigating the circumstances of his disappearance and amnesia. He works at the bookstore to keep a low profile. Whereas Gabriel is pompous, Jim is unassuming. Mad Men’s Jon Hamm reprises his role from season one.

Gabriel from Good Omens

In Good Omens, Gabriel (Jon Hamm) is an archangel and the leader of Heaven’s forces, including angel Aziraphale. As far as angels go, Gabriel is brash, confident, and immaculately dressed, much like Hamm’s earlier character Don Draper.

Herb Overkill

In Minions, Herb Overkill (voiced by Jon Hamm) is partners in crime with his wife Scarlet, the world’s first villainess. With the help of his inventions and weapons, they plan to steal the crown from the Queen of England.

Don Draper

Don Draper is the all-American success story: a self-made man with a job at a top New York advertising agency, a house in the suburbs, and a beautiful wife. Well, if you ignore all the identity theft, manslaughter and adultery that got him there. Thus, not included in the costume below: self-loathing, borderline alcoholism, Dick Whitman.

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