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Zoe Washburne

The devoted first officer and right-hand-man of captain Malcolm Reynolds, Zoe Washburne (Gina Torres) serves up a military attitude, wry wisecracks and crack shots in the first and only season of the fan-favorite TV show Firefly. Dressed like a Brown Coat (the rebel faction she and Mal served under) in a leather vest, gun holster and weathered boots, she looks as tough as she acts.

Malcolm Reynolds

Mal Reynolds is the captain of the Serenity crew in the Firefly series. Despite his tough guy exterior, he really has a heart of gold. He helps River and Simon Tam hide from the Alliance, even if it means putting himself and his crew in danger.

River Tam

In the Firefly series, River Tam is on the run from the Alliance with the help of the Serenity crew. She possesses both lethal and psychic skills which make her a powerful weapon that the Alliance wants back at all costs.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy is a cheerleader turned butt-kicking slayer who found a home in Sunnydale, right on top of the Hellmouth. When she’s not taking out vamps or other nasties, she loves spending time with pals Willow and Xander or training in the library with Giles. Everyone knows (even vampires), if you’re smart you’ll be sure to side with The Chosen One.

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