Jun Mochizuki

Jeanne from The Case Study of Vanitas

Jeanne (voiced in Japanese by Inori Minase and in English by Molly Searcy) is one of the major protagonists in the anime/manga series, The Case Study of Vanitas, by Jun Mochizuki.

She carries the title of the Hellfire Witch, from when she was a bourreau, and has a thousand-count high total of fellow vampires that she slaughtered during that time. Currently she serves as the bodyguard of Luca Oriflamme, and has some sort of runaround relationship with Vanitas (and possibly Domi as well, if you’re caught up on the manga).

Jeanne has chin-length fluffed white hair with a pink overtone wash on it, and vibrant gold ringed eyes. Her usual outfit consists of a white high-collared coat that buttons to the side, with pink accents on all the fastenings and hems. This is matched by a fastenable slitted white skirt, with pink attachment points and hem, and a quilted pink underside, with the whole outfit sometimes being worn with a matching cape over top. She also wears brown fingerless gloves, matching thigh high socks with diamond detailing at the top, and thigh high armored boots in a light grey metal.

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