kazuhiko inoue

Eiri Yuki from Gravitation

Yuki (voiced in Japanese by Kazuhiko Inoue and in English by Rome Elliot) is the secondary main character of the anime/manga series, Gravitation.

He is a romance novelist with a huge backlog of personal trauma, and immediately butts heads with Shuichi from the moment they meet. They do eventually mostly work things out, and move into a relationship with each other.

Yuki has bronzeish gold eyes, and loose, semi-long golden hair, partially worn over one eye. Like Shuichi, he has a few different outfits throughout the series, though mostly in the same colorscheme. For this one, he wears a deep blue button-up shirt, with a black, open casual blazer over top, and black slacks. In his left ears, he wears a small, silver hoop earring.

Gildarts Clive from Fairy Tail

Gildarts Clive (voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue and Jason Douglas) is an S-Class Mage and the fifth Guilt Master in the anime series Fairy Tail.  Guildarts is a redhead who wears blue pants and a black cloak.  His black Guild Mark is on his left pectoral muscle.  Gildarts is missing his left leg and arm, and has a heavily bandaged torso.  The missing appendages are at first replaced with relatively crude prosthetics made of wood, and the arm is covered with a metal gauntlet.

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