Ke huy Quan

OB from Loki (Season 2)

OB is a character from the 2nd season of the Marvel series Loki, and is played by Ke Huy Quan. OB is a new character introduced this season and we see him working at the TVA (Time Variance Authority) in his own workshop where we see him meet and help Mobius and Loki.

OB wears a pair of brown coveralls with green detail, patches, and some distressing to the fabric from his many projects. He pairs this with black framed glasses, a button down shirt, and often carries an orange TVA notebook. This can be created by taking brown coveralls, painting the upper area on the chest and the cuffs of the sleeves with green fabric paint, a watered down wash of deep brown paint for the darker areas, the patch of the three gears on the front of his coveralls can be created by drawing or painting the design on iron-on transfer material, then cutting out the ‘patch’ and then simply iron on the coveralls. For the orange notebook, you can take a blank orange book and paint or draw the TVA logo on the cover, or cut and glue with paper. If you’d like to add even more to this costume, you can layer a utility/ gardening apron with pockets for tools.

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