Kirimi Nekozawa

Kirimi Nekozawa from Ouran High School Host Club

Kirimi (voiced in Japanese by Kurumi Mamiya and in English by Cherami Leigh) is a side character in the anime/manga series Ouran High School Host Club.

She is Umehito Nekozawa’s five year old little sister, and isn’t seen very much over the course of the story, as he is also somewhat of a side character. She’s got a rather intense phobia of cats, and a fondness for shojo mangas, so it takes her a bit to get used to the fact that her brother is the exact opposite, as well him being very into the occult. We do see a small glimpse of them a bit later in the series, where she has embraced the exact same passions as him, and is seen wearing a matching black cloak.

Kirimi has very big, vibrant blue eyes, and long blonde hair worn up in twin pigtails, topped with little pink hair bows. She is most often seen wearing what is presumably her school uniform, with a white sailor top with pink and peach accents, and a matching peach skirt. Her socks are rolled white ruffled short ones, and then dark peach Mary Janes to match the rest of the uniform.

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