Marianna Miller

Izanami from B the Beginning

Izanami (voiced in Japanese by Mitsuki Saiga and in English by Marianna Miller) is one of the side antagonists turned main cast member of the Netflix anime B the Beginning.

They have a very strong attachment to Koku due to their past history together, as well as the legend of the black winged king that they all have connections to. Izanami, along with Yuna for a brief while, was part of the Market Maker group, and is a very strong fighter, albeit using unusual techniques (a skateboard).

Izanami has very pale hair with a pinkish tinge to it, vibrant blue eyes, and some of the most elaborate makeup out of all the MM members, including drawn on brows, a spiked crescent moon under their eye, and another mouth drawn to the side of their actual one.

There are two main outfits that Izanami wears in the series, but I chose the season one version. Even as a child, Izanami wore a mix of both the boys and girls outfits at Jaula Blanca, and this carried on into adulthood, with the current outfit they wear being a long white button up dress with rainbow buttons, a black suit jacket over top, a black tie around their neck, black gloves, dark cuffed jeans, one pink and white striped sock, one purple and pink striped sock, and a pair of white and black thick soled shoes.

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