Matt Shipman

Reki Kyan from Sk8 the Infinity

Reki (voiced in Japanese by Tasuku Hatanaka and in English by Matt Shipman) is one of the main characters in the anime Sk8 the Infinity.

While already a highly invested skateboarder, Reki drags the new kid (and soon to be best friend) at his school (Langa) to S skating meets, and even helps him to learn how to transfer his snowboarding skills into being a skateboarder. Reki is also very creative, and likes to design art pieces and build homemade skateboards, which eventually leads to Langa having a custom built one from him.

Reki has floppy spiky red hair worn with a blue wide headband, and has amber-orange eyes. He dresses pretty street casual for the most part, with a yellow hoodie with a design matching his board, a red wristband, black pants, and blue shoes with yellow detailing. He sometimes will also wear a black jacket over top of the hoodie, and red and black gloves, when skating.

Mihai Florescu from Kemono Jihen

Mihai Florescu (voiced in Japanese by Daisuke Ono and in English by Matt Shipman) is a semi-main/semi-secondary character in the anime Kemono Jihen.

He lives in a side room at the Inugami Detective Agency, and works with the team there as the one in charge of all their tech connections and providing them with resources on the shadier side of the law. Due to being a vampire, he has had many long years studying and mastering a wide variety of skills, eventually got bored with them, and then became a game creator and tech expert because it was the one thing he could find that was always evolving and kept him entertained.

He has a very typical anime-vampire look, with chin length fluffy silvery-grey hair, pointed ears, and red eyes. The outfit he wears is extremely simple, it is just some of Inugami’s old grey sweats that he let him borrow, which ended up being just slightly too big for his frame.

Cutthroat from Akudama Drive

Cutthroat (voiced in Japanese by Takahiro Sakurai and in English by Matt Shipman) is one of the main characters in Akudama Drive, part of the akudama group that Swindler joins.

Out of the entire group that we follow through the series, Cutthroat is the top most wanted criminal in that universe, with an expected prison sentence of almost 1000 years, due to living up to the title, with nine hundred and ninety nine murders to date.

Cutthroat has a fixation with the color red as well as an intense bloodlust, and ends up quite devoted to Swindler, following her around and showing rather twisted gestures of affection.

With only the eyes being a standout feature, a rather hypnotic purple-pink color similar to Swindler’s, Cutthroat’s hair and outfit are all white, with a long inner shirt, a long jacket, loose shorts, and boots, as well as white hand bandages. Black long socks and the collar the akudama group all got are the only differently colored pieces.

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