Mikaela Krantz

Momiji Sohma from Fruits Basket

Momiji (voiced in Japanese by Megumi Han and in English by Mikaela Krantz) is one of the secondary main characters in the anime/manga Fruits Basket.

He is the rabbit out of the Sohma family zodiacs, and is often mistaken for being much younger than he is, despite being only a year younger than Tohru. Momiji is usually seen as a very cheerful person, but he, like a lot of the other Sohmas, has a rough family history.

He has short, fluffy blonde hair, golden brown eyes, and wears small stud earrings as an accessory. Momiji is also usually seen in the school uniform, but he chooses to wear the girl’s shirt portion, and a pair of black shorts, instead of the boy’s. He also wears a pair of white knee high socks, and light brown loafers.

Doll (Performance Dress) from Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

This is a follow-up article to the previous Doll one I did, but this one will be covering her performance outfit. If you would like to read up on how to make her Freckles look, it’s linked here!

I included the wig and scar makeup used in the prior tutorial, but you can’t see them past the headpiece usually, so that’s optional if you want to use them or not. This outfit is a lot more showy than her civilian outfit, mostly capitalizing on a rose motif. The dress is puffed up with a white rose petticoat trim, the headdress is comprised of white roses, and the rest of her accessories also mirror that theme. She emulates almost a ballet dancer stylized doll, while doing her tightrope balancing act.

For the parasol you may need to paint the handle if you want it to be completely accurate, and for the tights I was unable to find a pair split exactly in that style, so I included two pairs of long socks, please just use one from each to have the same effect.

Doll (Freckles) from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

Doll (Voiced in Japanese by Ayahi Takagaki and in English by Mikaela Krantz) is one of the first-string members in Noah’s Ark Circus, in the anime Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler.

She is the tightrope walker specialist of the circus and has an elegant persona while on stage, but also goes by the name Freckles, which is a lot truer to her actual personality.

Doll has one visible blue eye, the other covered by heavy facial scarring from burns, and choppy auburn hair that falls over the damaged eye. The outfit she wears as Freckles is light but also layered, as it’s fairly cold when the circus is running. It consists of a navy blue long sleeved shirt, with a white top button shirt over it, and a greyish lavender cardigan. Her pants are brown capris with differently shaded pockets, and brown lace-up boots.

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