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Seymour Krelborn from Little Shop of Horrors

Seymour Krelborn is the main character of Little Shop of Horrors. He works at the flower shop on Skidrow owned by Mr. Mushnik. Shy and meek, he has a huge crush on Audrey. One day, suddenly (pun intended) Seymour finds a strange plant and names it Audrey II. But the plant needs human blood to grow, putting Seymour in an awful dilema. Rick Moranis portrays Seymour in the 1986 movie adaptation.

The Re-Animator

Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs), also known as the Re-Animator, is the villain of the cult classic 80s comedy-horror film “Re-Animator”, its sequels, and its 2011 stage musical, all based on HP Lovecraft’s short story “Herbert West–Reanimator”. He also was the subject in the Dynamite Comics series “Re-Animator” and even crossed paths with Ash Williams from Evil Dead in the Army of Darkness Vs Re-Animator comic series (An fun idea for a pair cosplay). Chemistry tubes/head optional. Bring “life” to any party in this gross out costume!