mystic messenger

Unknown from Mystic Messenger

In Mystic Messenger, Unknown (real name Saeran Choi) is the twin brother of 707 and an acolyte of the cult Mint Eye. In terms of appearance, he has mint color eyes, and vermillion-colored hair with frosted pink highlights. He wears a black leather jacket that he tends to let hang off his right shoulder.

Yoosung Kim from Mystic Messenger

Yoosung Kim is a character in the otome game Mystic Messenger.  Yoosung doesn’t spend as much time studying for his college courses as he should because he plays the addictive computer game LOLOL.  Yoosung has dyed blonde hair that he pins back on one side with two hairpins.  Yoosung’s everyday outfit includes brown pants and shoes, a shirt with green, blue, and tan stripes, and a blue overshirt which he wears unbuttoned.  He accessorizes with several pins including a red star and yellow smiley face.

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