Nick Jr.

Princess of Barkingburg from PAW Patrol

In PAW Patrol, the Princess of Barkingburg (voiced by Caoimhe Judd) is a kind but naive girl. She has no idea that her pet puppy, Sweetie, is not so sweet. In the Mission PAW sub-series, Sweetie has evil plans to steal the princess’s crown and become queen for herself.

Rusty Rivets

Rusty Rivets (voiced by Kyle Breitkopf) is the titular main character of the Nickelodeon cartoon Rusty Rivets.  A young mechanic and inventor, Rusty creates his own contraptions from salvaged parts.  Rusty has dark blue-black hair that he wears slicked back.  His outfit consists of blue pants, an orange shirt with a lightning bolt design, grey gloves, and grey and teal sneakers with orange laces.  He also wears a grey utility belt and goggles.  For his shirt, you can use black fabric markers to recreate the emblem on the front.  Swap out a dull pair of boot laces with orange ones for an extra finishing touch.

mittens fluff n stuff from lalaloopsy

Mittens Fluff ‘n’ Stuff from Lalaloopsy

Mittens Fluff ‘n’ Stuff (voiced by Paige Stone) is a main character on the Nick Jr. show Lalaloopsy, based on the toy line of the same name.  She loves snow fights, hot cocoa, and her younger sister Bundles Snuggle Stuff.  Mittens has blue hair which you can recreate one of two ways.  The first is to take a yarn-like wig and style it into pigtails.  If the doll look isn’t as important to you, a blue wig with pigtail extensions might be a closer color match.  Then, layer a pair of striped socks under bloomers and a tutu, and choose the striped shirt you think looks best to wear under a furry white vest.  Finish your costume with a pair of white knit boots and two white hair bows to secure your pigtails.

josefina montes from santiago of the seas

Josefina Montes from Santiago of the Seas

Josefina Montes (voiced by Leila Colom) is the mother of the titular character from the Nick Jr. cartoon series Santiago of the Seas.  Like her son, Josefina is brave and sometimes accompanies him on his adventures.  She has brown curly hair that she wears up, tied with a yellow hair scarf.  Her costume consists of a blue jacket, a white blouse, brown boots, and a mint green skirt, layered over a white one.  Her accessories include a red sash, a brown belt, a turquoise pendant necklace, and gold hoop earrings.

Shout from The Fresh Beat Band

Shout (Thomas Hobson) is a character in the Nickelodeon series, The Fresh Beat Band. He is the keyboardist for the titular band. Shout has a ton of energy and excitement, though he’s also very intelligent. His catchphrase is “Cool beans!” As seen with his outfit, his favorite color is orange.

Marina from The Fresh Beat Band

Marina (Shayna Rose) is a character in the Nickelodeon series, The Fresh Beat Band. She is the drummer for the titular band. She loves cracking jokes and thinking of new ideas for the group. Her catchphrases are “Hip hop and pop” and “That would be cool.” As seen with her outfit, her favorite colors are teal and pink. Get a pair of drumsticks to complete the look.

Twist from The Fresh Beat Band

Twist (Jon Beavers) is the protagonist of the Nickelodeon series, The Fresh Beat Band. He is the DJ and rapper for the titular band. Silly and imaginative, Twist goes with the flow. His catchphrase is “Sweet!” As seen with his outfit, his favorite colors are blue and yellow. Get a pair of over the ear headphones to accessorize.

leah from shimmer and shine

Leah from Shimmer and Shine

Leah (voiced by Alina Foley) is a genie and one of the main characters of the Nick, Jr. show Shimmer and Shine.  Leah has long blonde hair, and is shown to be a caring and honest person, dedicated to helping her friends any way she can.  Leah’s genie outfit is light pink with gold shoes, while her normal outfit consists of gold sneakers, a blue skirt, and a pink shirt with stars on it.

Maggie from Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

Maggie from Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast is a long-running children’s show in Nick Jr. (in the United States, it has other homes in other countries). Maggie (voiced by Kirsten Stone) is an imaginative and adventurous little girl. She lives in Nowhere Land with her friend, the tame Ferocious Beast. Thy explore their world and make lots of friends along the way.

Cosplaying as Maggie is very easy! You start with a pith helmet and some red ribbon to make it look just like Maggie’s. Add a curly orange wig under that and you’ve got most of her most notable costume pieces all set! After that all you need is a yellow t-shirt, denim dress, yellow socks, and black Mary Jane shoes. There are, unfortunately, no Ferocious Beast plush toys as they’re super rare. But if you have a little time and some sewing skills, you can certainly make an adventure buddy of your own!

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