Josefina Montes from Santiago of the Seas

Josefina Montes from Santiago of the Seas

Josefina Montes (voiced by Leila Colom) is the mother of the titular character from the Nick Jr. cartoon series Santiago of the Seas.  Like her son, Josefina is brave and sometimes accompanies him on his adventures.  She has brown curly hair that she wears up, tied with a yellow hair scarf.  Her costume consists of a blue jacket, a white blouse, brown boots, and a mint green skirt, layered over a white one.  Her accessories include a red sash, a brown belt, a turquoise pendant necklace, and gold hoop earrings.

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  1. Ryan Franklin August 9, 2023 Reply

    Don’t forget the blue pant-like things she wore (they’re either bloomers, leggings, stockings, or pirate trousers).

  2. Thanks, we’ve added blue trousers to Josefina’s costume guide!

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