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Phi from Virtues Last Reward

Phi (voiced in Japanese by Chiaki Omigawa and in English by Karen Strassman) is one of the main characters in the second and third games of the Zero Escape series, and for this one I’ll be focusing on her Virtue’s Last Reward design.

She has short pixie cut white hair, with two black dahlia floral hair clips sitting offcenter on her head, and greyish-blue eyes. Her outfit all follows a blue/white/black theme, with layered black and white tank-tops, a beaded long layered necklace over top of them, a black miniskirt with a blue underlayer, and she wears a light blue long cardigan. The brooch she wears attached to the coat is a lasting memento of her mother. She finishes the look off with shin-high black slouch boots.

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