parker posey

Alvin the Armadillo

In Mascots, Alvin the Armadillo is the official mascot of the Amelia Earhart College for Women’s basketball team. Their old mascot was the highly offensive Leaping Squaws, but that was like a hundred years ago. When Alvin the Armadillo’s performer Cindi Babineaux (Parker Posey) gets food poisoning at the World Mascot Association championships, her sister Laci (Susan Yeagley) is forced to fill in.

Darla Marks

Don’t let this Senior from Dazed and Confused catch you standing during an air raid. Darla Marks (Parker Posey) gets immense pleasure from hazing the incoming freshmen by making them lay on the ground while she sprays them with condiments. And if you don’t like it then you can just lick her, all of you!

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