Beam from Chainsaw Man

Beam is a character in the best selling manga and hit anime, Chainsaw Man. Illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the series was serialized in Shonen Jump for two years with new chapters bi-weekly. Chainsaw Man takes place in a world where devils are born from fears. Like Power, Beam is a fiend, specifically the Shark Fiend. Energetic yet naive, Beam is unwaveringly loyal to Denji/Chainsaw Man. He goes along with Denji’s plans and will do anything to protect him. Talk about an amazing friend! He usually is depicted without a shirt, but this guide includes a fitting shark pattern button down.

King Shark

King Shark is a character in the animated DC Universe Harley Quinn series. As a giant human-shark hybrid, King Shark is a part of Harley’s crew of mainly C-List villains. His real name is Nanuae, and he is actually a Prince of the Shark Men Kingdom. We first meet him at Poison Ivy‘s apartment after Clayface called him to help Harley. His abilities include underwater advantages, such as swimming and breathing underwater, as well as superhuman strength and durability. Although don’t let King Shark around blood, or his shark instincts will go berserk.

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