Sharon Rainsworth

Sharon Rainsworth from Pandora Hearts

Sharon (voiced by Kana Hanazawa) is one of the secondary main characters in the anime/manga series Pandora Hearts.

She is first introduced at Oz’s coming of age ceremony, and ends up being a consistent character throughout the rest of the story. She is from the Rainsworth dukedom, and after the timeskip she is shown to have joined Pandora and is contracted to the chain Equus, which prevents her from outwardly aging.

Sharon has almost creamsicle orange colored hair, worn long and tied up in the back with a large red ribbon bow, and soft pinkish-red eyes. She has a variety of outfits throughout the series, though we often see her in this full-bodied purple dress, with large and intricate ruffles and bow details scattered across. The only shot I could find of her shoes was from the manga, but they’re a pinkish-purple heel, with little pink bows lining down the top.

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