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Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond is an antagonist in Steven Universe. Voiced by Broadway legend Patti LuPone, she is one of the four members of the Great Diamond Authority that rules over the Homeworld Gems. Yellow Diamond specializes in the military command and supervision for colonies. Don’t dare disrespect this diamond – her temper is lethal!

Garnet from Steven Universe Future

Voiced by Estelle, Garnet has been a Steven Universe staple from the show’s beginning. Now that Steven is grown in the Steven Universe series, she is still an important part of his life and the series at large.

It makes sense that cosplaying such a key character would take a little more DIY than most. In this case, getting Garnet’s specific look requires some fabric paint, a white blouse, and acrylic paint to add details to the shoes. The top requires a light pink, a bubblegum pink, a hot pink, and a bright purple for the upper portion and the sleeves. Dark blue and a darker purple are needed for the bottom of the shirt.

Dark blue pants and shoes knock out most of the rest of her outfit while dark pink acrylic paint adds the detail to the toe of the shoes. After that all you need is a black wig and a pair of Garnet glasses.

amethyst su future

Amethyst from Steven Universe: Future

Amethyst is a main character in Steven Universe: Future voiced by Michaela Dietz. The series takes place after the events of the movie. Before, Amethyst was underestimated because she was half the size of a Quartz soldier. This judgement used to negatively affect her self esteem. But now she’s found her confidence and purpose. Fun, playful, and always with an appetite, Amethyst helps Steven run the new school for gems. Cut a hole in the tank top for the gem, and iron one star on each leg of the shorts.

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