tia ballard

Beast from Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

Beast (voiced in Japanese by Yuko Kaida and in English by Tia Ballard) is part of Noah’s Ark Circus in the anime/manga Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, in the Book of Circus episode set.

She is one of the main first-string members in the circus, and specializes in the animal taming portion of the show, along with her pet tiger, Betty. She’s known the rest of the members of the first-string since she was young and is very close with them.

Beast has black ringlet-curled bob cut hair, red eyes, and theatrical black and red makeup. The outfit we usually see her in is a performers suit, very black and shiny and strappy, with lots of red flowing accents, including a red hairband with a large floral detail on top. She also has mesh gloves and stockings, topped with a diamond pattern, and black shin-high stiletto boots.

Nene Yashiro from Toilet Bound Hanako-kun

Nene Yashiro is one of the main characters in Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, voiced in Japanese by Akari Kitō, and by Tia Ballard in English. Nene is an unlucky in love high school student at Kamome Academy, who ends up meeting Hanako the bathroom ghost from following the school rumor he’s attached to (Hanako-san) and getting tangled up in not only her feelings for him, but also all the ghost shenanigans happening at the school. Nene has two toned hair, in a light brown fading to a soft mint green, multicolored pinkish-orange eyes, and she wears her school uniform with a few personal accessories, such as a skull brooch, hairclips, and tights instead of socks.

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