Tokyo Mew Mew

Mint Aizawa from Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

Mint (voiced in Japanese by Yumi Kakazu and in English by Andi Whaley) is one of the main characters of the anime/manga Tokyo Mew Mew (2002 anime).

She is the second one of the girls to join the Mew Mews, following up just after Ichigo, and like her, also has animal DNA, with hers being the blue lorikeet. Mint starts off the series as very spoiled and bratty, but eventually grows to really care about the people around her. She heavily idolizes Zakuro and is overjoyed when she finally agrees to join the team.

Mint has dark blue hair worn up in two side buns, and lighter blue eyes. She also has a pair of wings and a bird tail in the same color as her hair. Her outfit is a bit different from the others as it’s a much lighter tone than her own colors, with everything being a teal. She wears a short zip up dress with puffed side sleeves, gloves, a teal and deep blue, almost black collar and garter set, and open ankle short boots.

Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

Ichigo (voiced in Japanese by Saki Nakajima and in English by Amanda Lipitz) is the main character of the anime/manga Tokyo Mew Mew (2002 anime).

She is the leader of the Mew Mews and as with the others, she is DNA fused with an animal, hers being an Iriomote cat. This has lead to her exhibiting many cat-like traits after the fact, including enhanced acrobatics and the inclination to sleep more.

Ichigo’s entire motif is pink themed, including her hair and her eyes. To show the Iriomote cat elements of her DNA, she has a pair of black and pink cat ears, and a tail, topped with a bowed bell. The rest of her outfit is a short pink dress with detached arm cuffs, red gloves, a red and pink garter and collar, and red boots.

Ryou Shirogane from Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

Ryou (voiced in Japanese by Kouchi Touchika and in English by Sean Schemmel) is one of the main non-Mew characters in the manga/anime Tokyo Mew Mew (2002).

His father was in charge of the Mew project and upon his passing, Ryou took over the research and expanded upon the project. He was the first test subject of his initial research (of his own choosing), and is the only one out of the non-Mews involved that can also turn into an animal (a cat), but it is very temporary and can be permanent if he’s not careful. Ryou works with Keiichiro on both the project and the Cafe that they run.

Ryou has short golden blonde hair and bright teal blue eyes. He has a few different outfits throughout the series, but for this one he has a black vest with an open, white trimmed collar, a thick red choker, two black strap arm bands, white skinny jeans with buckle detailing, and black shoes.

Pai/Pie from Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

Pai (voiced in Japanese by Canna Nobutoshi and in English by Pete Zarustica) is one of the main antagonists in the anime/manga Tokyo Mew Mew (2002).

He is the most mature, and presumably the oldest, out of the alien trio. He shares in Kisshu and Tart‘s goal with reclaiming the Earth in the name of their people, but focuses a lot more on getting the tasks required of them done, instead of getting distracted.

Pai has purpley-grey hair worn in a long strand in the front, tied with a forest green band, with eyes in a similar color to his hair. Like the other two, he has large pointed ears, and sharp teeth. He wears the most covering outfit out of the three of them, with a sheer sleeveless turtleneck under a loose cropped tanktop. He has arm warmers that match the undershirt, with a pair of rolled hem black pants, with ribbons coming off the back like the others have. All of the main clothing items have a tealy-green trim on them. He has wraps on his legs that match the color of the one on his hair, and a pair of simple black slip on shoes.

Keiichirou Akasaka from Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

Keiichiro (voiced in Japanese by Hikaru Midorikawa and in English by Andraw Rannells) is one of the non-Mew main characters in the anime/manga Tokyo Mew Mew (2002).

He is the head chef of the cafe that he and Ryou run, as well as his assistant on the Mew project. Keiichiro is the one that created Masha, and is also in charge of tracking Mew Aquas and the Alien trio.

He’s usually seen in more formal attire contrasting with Ryou’s more casual. Keiichiro has long brown hair, with long bangs framing his face, and the rest worn back with a red hair tie. His eyes are a dark greyish color. The usual outfit we see him in is a white button-up, a black bowtie with matching suspenders and belt, brownish-black slacks, and brown shoes.

Tart from Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

Tart (voiced in Japanese by Kiyomi Asai and in English by Jimmy Zoppi) is one of the main antagonists in the anime/manga Tokyo Mew Mew (2002).

He is also part of the aliens, along with Kisshu and Pai, but is much more childish than the other two. During the time he spends on Earth, he ends up saving Pudding from a chimera anima, which leads the two of them to become very close.

Tart has short, copper colored hair, tied up into two small pigtails on top of his head, and has orangey-brown eyes. Like the other aliens, he has large pointed ears, and sharp teeth. His outfit is the simplest out of the three, with a very short cropped red vest with a small collar, tied with a black bow, and with a grey trim on top, black bloomer shorts with the same trim, and ribbons coming off the back, and white fabric wraps on his arms and legs.

Kisshu/Quiche from Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

Kisshu (voiced in Japanese by Daisuke Sakaguchi and in English by Andrew Rannells) is one of the main antagonists in the anime/manga Tokyo Mew Mew (2002).

He is a part of the main alien trio that we see, also consisting of Pai and Tart, who he shares a goal with of reclaiming the Earth. While his main goal is taking over Earth with the power of the chimera animas, he does tend to get very distracted by his fascination and obsession with Ichigo.

Kisshu has emerald green hair that he keeps partially tied in front with red cuffs/string, and contrasting golden eyes. Due to being part of the aliens, he also has large pointed ears, and sharp teeth. He wears a crop-top shirt combo with a black puff sleeved undershirt, bordered with red trim, with a brown vest-like piece over top. His shorts are in a similar style, with the same trim, but a brown overlayer on top, and two ribbons sticking out the back. On his arms and legs he has a red fabric wrap, which is finished off with slouchy brown boots, tied with thick string.

Lettuce (Retasu) Midorikawa from Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

Lettuce (voiced in Japanese by Kumi Sakuma and in English by Erica Shroeder) is one of the main characters of the anime/manga Tokyo Mew Mew (2002 anime).

She is the third person to join the Mew Mews and has the DNA of a finless porpoise. Before meeting the others, she was often only in the company of girls from her school that would bully her and make her run errands. After meeting Ichigo and the others, she comes more out of her shell.

Lettuce has green eyes and long bright green hair worn tied back in a long ponytail, and two white ribbon-like pieces sticking out of her bangs. The rest of her outfit is also green themed, with a swimsuit looking outfit with tails emulating tailfins, puffy green sleeve cuffs, a matching green and white choker and garter set, and green boots.

Zakuro Fujiwara from Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

Zakuro (voiced in Japanese by Junko Noda and in English by Mollie Weaver) is one of the main characters of the anime/manga Tokyo Mew Mew (2002 anime).

She is the fifth and final of the Mew Mews to join the main group (not counting the ones that come in later in follow-up volumes), and has the DNA of a grey wolf. It takes her a while to be open to join the team, as she is very fiercely independent and unsociable, due to past trauma. She’s got a lot of varied talents, many of which having to do with performing, such as dancing, singing, and modeling.

Zakuro has purpley-blue eyes and long, deep lavender colored hair, topped with grey wolf ears, which have an accompanying tail. She is the only one out of the girls that wears a two piece outfit for her Mew look, with her whole color scheme being a dark magenta/purple. She has a cropped tube top with puffed side sleeves, wrist cuffs, short shorts, a matching garter and collar set, and thigh high boots.

Pudding Fong from Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

Pudding (voiced in Japanese by Hisayo Mochizuki and in English by Kether Donohue) is one of the main characters of the anime/manga Tokyo Mew Mew (2002 anime).

She is the fourth to join the Mew Mews and has the DNA of a golden lion tamarin. Pudding is a circus performer and highly experienced in martial arts, thanks to the tutelage of her father. Out of the girls, she is the one that most closely matches with the traits of her animal.

Pudding’s look is very yellow and brown themed, including her short fluffy blonde hair, brown eyes, and brown monkey ears/tail. She wears a yellow one piece jumpsuit with separated side cuffed sleeves, a matching set of a brown and yellow choker and garter, brown fingerless gloves, tied yellow leg pieces, and brown slip on shoes.

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