wet hot american summer

Gary from Wet Hot American Summer

In Wet Hot American Summer, Gary (A.D. Miles) is the unlucky apprentice to Gene. Unlucky because while peeling potatoes, he must listen to Gene whisper crazy nothings into his ears.

Donna from Wet Hot American Summer

Donna Berman (Lake Bell) is Coop’s girlfriend or at least he thinks she is. She recently travelled to Jerusalem so is drawn to Yaron, the visiting Israeli soccer counselor. Of course Coop becomes jealous but who knows, maybe this threesome will get along in the end.

Blake from Wet Hot American Summer

Blake McCarthy (Josh Charles) is a Camp Tigerclaw counselor who’s dating Katie, a counselor at neighboring Camp Firewood. He starts spying on her though after he sees Andy hitting on her. He wears not just one or two popped polo collars but three, all of which are looking particularly popped.

Katie from Wet Hot American Summer

Katie (Marguerite Moreau) is the it-girl at Camp Firewood and all the boys, including Coop, Andy, and Blake, all want to be her boyfriend. With so many options, who is she going to choose?

Yaron from Wet Hot American Summer

Yaron (David Wain) is the visiting Israeli soccer counselor who exudes cool. He has the exotic accent, the great hair, and the athletic abilities that he shows off with the diablo. Plus, he can play a mean shofar. He even makes the short shorts look good. It’s no surprise that girls like Donna can’t resist him.

Beth from Wet Hot American Summer

Beth (Janeane Garofalo) is the head camp counselor at Camp Firewood. It’s her job to make sure things run smoothly but unfortunately things aren’t going her way. Not only does she have to deal with saving the camp from toxic waste and from a falling space station headed their way, but she also has to cope with the loss of her boyfriend, Mitch, who gets turned into a can of mixed vegetables.

Lindsay from Wet Hot American Summer

Lindsay (Elizabeth Banks) is a journalist for Rock & Roll World magazine who goes undercover at Camp Firewood to find out what teenagers are up to. She’s able to pull off looking like a 16-year-old teen just by pulling her hair to the side. While at the camp, she develops a relationship with Andy, despite the fact that he’s dating Katie. She also has a particular love for barbecue sauce.

Mitch from Wet Hot American Summer

Mitch (H. Jon Benjamin) is the director at Camp Tigerwood whose favorite afternoon snack is weirdly a can of mixed vegetables. He meets an unfortunate end after he falls into a toxic waste pit discovered at the camp. Fortunately this happens while he’s carrying his snack and the toxic sludge turns him into a sentient vegetable can, who later becomes an influential part of Gene’s life.

Andy from Wet Hot American Summer

Andy Fleckner (Paul Rudd) is the rebellious counselor at Camp Firewood. With his laid back, bad boy attitude he attracts the attention of several of the female counselors including Katie and Lindsay.

Gerald “Coop” Cooperberg

In Wet Hot American Summer, Coop (Michael Showalter) is the hopeless romantic and quintessential nice guy. Unfortunately this means that he doesn’t get a lot of interest from the girls. His first girlfriend, Donna, ends up leaving him for another guy. Then Katie, the girl he develops a crush on, decides she’d rather be with Andy even though he’s a jerk. Hopefully he’ll find someone who appreciates him just the way he is before camp is over.

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