yuichi nakamura

Karamatsu Matsuno from Osomatsu-San

Karamatsu (voiced in Japanese by Yuichi Nakamura and in English by Ray Chase) is from the anime Osomatsu-san, the newest iteration in the Osomatsu series.

He is the second oldest brother in the Matsuno family, just under Osomatsu (the titular character) and is an absolute menace to those around him, as he likes to portray himself as an excessively flamboyant person, with the good majority of his clothes having some form of flashy element to them, such as sequins.

Karamatsu has the same hair color as his brothers, in the same dark brownish-black short cut, and dark eyes. His hoodie is like the other’s, with his being a mid-toned blue, with the same green pine tree emblem on the front, and he wears a pair of light jeans with slip on shoes in almost the same color. For his main accessory, he is often seen wearing a pair of sunglasses.

(Keigo Takami) Hawks from My Hero Academia

Hawks (voiced in Japanese by Yuichi Nakamura and in English by Zeno Robinson) is one of the main pro heroes in the anime/manga My Hero Academia.

He is currently the No.2 Pro Hero, and has a variety of ties to different groups, both current and former. His Quirk incorporates his wings, allowing him to fly and control individual feathers for attacks.

Hawks has golden messily spiked hair, and golden-brown eyes that he wears yellow goggles over, in tandem with ear protectors. His outfit is built for flight, streamlined for the black and gold underlayer, with bulky and warm tan outer layers. He wears a thick pair of black gloves, black socks, and black boots, and has a large set of red wings coming from his back.

Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket

Shigure (voiced in Japanese by Yuichi Nakamura and in English by John Murgmeier) is one of the main characters of the anime/manga Fruits Basket.

He is one of the older members of the cursed zodiacs of the Sohma family, and is specifically the dog. He works as a writer, publishing both novels under his name, and romance novels under a pen name. Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki all live in the house that he owns, and he shares the same drive to break the curse as Tohru does, but for slightly selfish reasons.

Shigure has short, grey hair, parted in the center, and similarly colored eyes. Unlike the others, he usually dresses in more traditional clothing, often shown in a dark green kimono with a lighter colored obi. When wearing this, he usually isn’t shown wearing shoes, but he does have traditional sandals in a similar one, so if you need footwear for con, I’ve included them for ease.

gray fullbuster from fairy tail

Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail

Gray Fullbuster (voiced by Yuichi Nakamura and Newton Pittman) is a Mage and member of Team Natsu of the Fairy Tail Guild in the anime series Fairy Tail.  Gray’s previous partners include Erza Scarlet.  Gray does not always wear the same costume, but his standard look includes a silver necklace with a blue stone and a blue Guild Mark on his right pectoral muscle.

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