zeno robinson

(Keigo Takami) Hawks from My Hero Academia

Hawks (voiced in Japanese by Yuichi Nakamura and in English by Zeno Robinson) is one of the main pro heroes in the anime/manga My Hero Academia.

He is currently the No.2 Pro Hero, and has a variety of ties to different groups, both current and former. His Quirk incorporates his wings, allowing him to fly and control individual feathers for attacks.

Hawks has golden messily spiked hair, and golden-brown eyes that he wears yellow goggles over, in tandem with ear protectors. His outfit is built for flight, streamlined for the black and gold underlayer, with bulky and warm tan outer layers. He wears a thick pair of black gloves, black socks, and black boots, and has a large set of red wings coming from his back.

Brawler from Akudama Drive

Brawler (voiced in Japanese by Shunsuke Takeuchi and in English by Zeno Robinson) is one of the main characters in the anime Akudama Drive.

He is very excited about seeking out strong opponents and causes a large amount of chaos and destruction in the quest to find them. During the course of the series he ends up becoming close with Hoodlum, and gets really excited hyping up how impressive he makes himself sound (despite it being a massive lie).

Brawler has deep red dreads and golden brown eyes, with metal bead detailing in his hair and pointed eyeliner on his eyes. He wears a set of necklaces in tandem with the detonation necklace, but aside from his hair beads that’s the only accessories he has. He wears a green motorcycle jacket with an orange under layer, and a pair of blue jeans with black chaps over them. The final part of his outfit is a pair of black boots.

hunter from the owl house

Hunter from The Owl House

Hunter (voiced by Zeno Robinson) is an antagonist on the animated series The Owl House.  Also known as the Golden Guard, Hunter is the nephew of Emperor Belos.  Hunter’s uniform consists of an ivory hooded cloak and golden tunic, brown boots and gloves.  He also wears a golden mask that can be difficult to recreate, though replicas are available for purchase.  If you’d rather go maskless, be sure to use some scar wax to recreate Hunter’s distinctive facial scar.  Otherwise, a generic golden mask can evoke a similar look, even if it’s not an exact match.

remy remington from big city greens

Remy Remington from Big City Greens

Remy Remington (voiced by Zeno Robinson) is a rich kid from Big City and Cricket Green’s best friend on the Disney Channel show Big City Greens.  Remy is smart but very shy before befriending Cricket and Tilly helps him break out of his shell.  Remy wears oversized glasses, a pink shirt, and a red vest with khaki shorts.  His short hair is tinged purple.

omar from craig of the creek

Omar from Craig of the Creek

Omar (voiced by Zeno Robinson) is a character on the Cartoon Network animated series Craig of the Creek.  Once known as the Green Poncho, Omar protected the Overpass.  Eventually, he joined the Stump Kids.  Omar is friends with Craig Williams.  Omar’s Green Poncho costume consists of a large bow, sandals, and a green hooded jacket.

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