Teknique from Fortnite

Teknique from Fortnite

In Fortnite, Teknique is an unlockable skin as part of the Aerosol Assassins set. With the motto "spray up a storm", she turns spray paint graffiti into an art. Add detail to your costume by painting "TILTED" on the cap, and duct taping together a crow bar and long paint roller for your pickaxe tool.

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  1. All of my friends decided on my theme for Halloween, which was Fortnite skins. I decided I would be technique. Not long after everybody turned on me and changed the theme to the 90’s workout, then 80’s disco, and then 50’s. I got fed up with the changes because they were all dumb, so I decided I’ll surprise my friends with this cosplay. I hope they like it!!!!

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