Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter

Neferpitou (voiced in Japanese by Ayumi Fujimura and in English by Sarah Williams) is part of the royal guards in the Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter.

They were the first of the guards to hatch, and put in charge of guarding their new king, Meruem, at the behest of his mother. Pitou is the science specialist of the group, and is in charge of understanding the concept of Nen, and how to use it to the ant’s advantage. Like most of the others, they are a fusion of an animal with the base ant, and have many cat features, in addition to doll looking joints.

Pitou has fluffy chin-length white hair, with a matching cat tail and unmatching light yellow cat ears, and gradiented reddish-yellow eyes. Their outfit consists of a deep blue peacoat with golden buttons, muted orange shorts and matching socks, and blue slip on shoes.

Kite from Hunter x Hunter

Kite (voiced in Japanese by Christopher Corey Smith and in English by Shuichi Ikeda) is one of the key characters in Gon’s story in the anime/manga Hunter x Hunter.

He studied under Gon’s father, Ging, when he was younger, and subsequently ended up teaching Gon what he knew about the world. Kite, along with his friends, traveled around documenting unknown species, which lead to the discovery of the Chimera Ants and their Queen, culminating in his battle with Neferpitou.

Kite has extremely long white hair that goes down to the backs of his knees, and small brownish-grey eyes. He wears a long sleeved white turtleneck and black slacks, with a light blue layered waistband, and tan slip on shoes. The look is finished off with an oversized mid-toned blue newsboy cap, and whatever form Crazy Slots takes (scythe, etc).

Shalnark Ryuseih from Hunter x Hunter

Shalnark (voiced in Japanese by Noriko Hidaka and in English by Griffin Burns) is one of the members of the main group of antagonists of the York New arc of the Hunter x Hunter series.

He is one of the initial founding members of the Phantom Troupe, having known Chrollo since they were both very young, with the majority of the members all growing up together in Meteor City. Shalnark’s nen specialty is Manipulation, and he uses a modified cell phone in order to control people like puppets, which also extends to himself, using his autopilot mode to turn him into an extremely powerful fighting force.

His color palette is significantly different in the 1999 adaptation, but in the 2011 version of the anime, he has a much lighter pastel appearance. His hair is a short cut blonde with a slight green wash to it, and his eyes are a mid-toned green. He wears a matching two-piece outfit, with the sleeveless top a light lavender color, with a black under layer, and different shades of teal as the cuffs and waistband, with small white details. The pants are the same lavender shade, and are cuffed just above the ankles, revealing slip on shoes that match the teal detailing on the top.

Chrollo Lucilfer from Hunter x Hunter

I have previously covered the disguise that Chrollo wears in the York New arc in another article, so this one will be focusing more on one of his more regularly worn outfits.

While the other look was meant to help him blend in during the auction and get on Neon Nostrade’s good side in order to manipulate her into giving him the fortune readings he was looking for, this is how he is more commonly seen while interacting with the rest of the Troupe members.

He wears the same teal bulb earrings as in his disguise, but in this outfit he wears his hair slicked back, revealing the tattoo on his forehead. His undershirt is black with a intricately detailed crisscrossing pattern, with a similar ribbon-crossed pattern on his matching pants, and a light tan belt worn off-center across the top of the pants. The main feature part of his outfit is a long black coat with an extremely over-exaggerated fluffy white trim around the collar, as well as the cuffs, and there is a large St. Peter’s cross embellished on the back. The shoes he wears with this outfit are black with large decorate gold pieces that match the ones worn on the shoulder regions of his coat.

Machi Komacine from Hunter x Hunter

Machi (voiced in Japanese by Rena Maeda and in English by Abby Trott [in the 2011 series]) is part of the main group of antagonists in the Hunter x Hunter anime/manga.

She is member number 3 in the Phantom Troupe run by Chrollo Lucilfer, as well as one of his longest running friendships, having known each other since they were both very young. Her nen speciality is Transmutation and she fights using sewing techniques.

Machi has deep pink hair, worn up in a very messy high ponytail and tied off with a light blue scrunchie, which nearly matches the color of her eyes. Her outfit consists of a white and grey short-sleeved kimino-type top, with a long ribboned deep reddish-purple obi, and a yellow ribbon tied around the center. She wears black, mid-thigh shorts, pinkish-purple leg warmers over top of white tabi socks, and the rest of the outfit is finished off with black, fingerless gloves, and a light yellow pin cushion worn around her wrist.

Phinks Magcub from Hunter x Hunter

Phinks Magcub (voiced in Japanese by Kenichirō Ōhashi and in English by David Vincent) is part of the Phantom Troupe in the anime/manga HunterxHunter.

He’s one of the strongest members of the troupe, with a nen ability centered around extremely strong punch throwing. Phinks is one of the original founding members of the troupe, having known Chrollo since they were kids.

He has dirty blonde hair, often worn pulled back tightly, and speck-like eyes. While he does have another outfit that he’s seen wearing, the one we mostly see him in is this tracksuit-like one. A matching emerald green tracksuit with white and red detailing, and grey-blue detailed sneakers to top it all off.

Illumi Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter

Illumi Zoldyck (voiced in Japanese by Masaya Matsukaze and in English by Chris Hackney) is one of the main antagonists in the anime/manga HunterxHunter.

He is the oldest of the Zoldyck siblings and is one of the more threatening ones purely from action. Illumi specializes in appearance-shifting and controlling people’s actions through the pins that he wears imbedded into his shirt.

As with most of his siblings, Illumi has black hair, worn very long and slicked back (sometimes down slightly on the sides), and his eyes are very overwhelmingly full, and pure black. He has a few different outfit through the series, but this one is one of the main ones we usually see. It’s a multi-toned green and yellow shirt and pants set, with off-yellow socks, and shoes that match the color of the pants. His typical weapons, the pins, are imbedded all over the top and shoes for usage.

Chrollo Lucilfer’s York New Disguise from Hunter x Hunter

Chrollo (voiced in Japanese by Mamoru Miyano and in English by Robbie Daymond) is the founder and current leader of the Phantom Troupe is the anime/manga Hunter x Hunter.

The outfit I’ve chosen for this article is the disguise that he wears in the York New arc when he’s infiltrating to steal Neon Nostrade’s nen ability, though he does have several other outfits that will be featured in another article later on.

Chrollo has soft grey eyes, and while he usually wears his hair slicked back, for this outfit he wears it loose and down, with a greenish grey ribbon covering the cross tattoo he has on his forehead. He wears the bauble earrings that he usually has on for this, but the rest of it is a pretty standard suit jacket and pants over a white shirt, black tie, and black oxfords finishing off the look.

Feitan Portor from Hunter x Hunter

Feitan Portor (Voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi in Japanese and Tom Bauer in English) is the number two ranked member in the Phantom Troupe, in the anime Hunter x Hunter.

He is a sword specialist, the Troupe’s interrogator due to his willingness to torture, and has the ability to turn himself into a living bomb, without risk to his own life.

Feitan has black, down spiked middle parted hair, and purple-grey eyes. His usual outfit is a black robe, with an overlaid collar piece decorated by a skull. He has black boots and pants (not included, those aren’t really visually important if you wear this full outfit, so any pair of pants should work), and his weapon is a red, black skull patterned, umbrella with a sword for a hilt.

Kortopi Tounofmaill from Hunter x Hunter

Kortopi (Voiced in Japanese by Shinya Hamazoe and in English by Tony Oliver) is the twelfth member of the Phantom Troupe in the anime Hunter x Hunter.

He is the smallest and weakest member of the Troupe, but has a extremely useful nen ability in terms of being a thief, as he can duplicate items to an undetectable level.

Kortopi has large purple eyes, though we don’t see more than one of them in the anime, and just past shoulder length light blue-grey hair. He wears a simple blue-grey robe, light blue capris, and black slip on shoes, but is often seen barefoot.

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