Palm Siberia (Ant Form) from Hunter x Hunter

Palm Siberia (Ant Form) from Hunter x Hunter

Palm (voiced in Japanese by Kikuko Inoue and in English by Karen Strassman) is a prominent character in the Chimera Ant arc in the anime/manga series Hunter x Hunter.

She is part of the Hunters, and her nen type is Enhancement, with her specialty being clairvoyance and being able to track people with that. Partway through the Chimera Ant she gets captured by the ants and turned into one of them, integrating her nen ability more permanently into her body and giving her a fish-based look. She gets heavily attached to people to the point of obsession and stalking, and will go to extreme lengths to go after her object of affection. This is slightly lessened in her ant form.

Palm has extremely long black hair, with the front parted in a way to show the crystal she has on her forehead, and her eyes are a soft grey-blue. She wears a lipstick almost the same color as her eyes, but just a little more purple. Her arms and legs are covered in blue fish scales with fins, and for this outfit (there are a few she has in her ant form) she wears a short lilac colored strapless dress.

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