Beatrice from Over the Garden Wall

Beatrice is a character in the Cartoon Network miniseries Over the Garden Wall. She and her family lived at the Old Mill. They were turned into bluebirds by the wicked Adelaide, who sends her to kidnap Wirt and Greg. However, Beatrice has a change of heart and becomes their ally, guiding the two brothers through the Unknown. Despite her grumpiness and nagging (especially towards Wirt), she is also brave and headstrong. The winged scissors make a great accessory, which clips her wings to make her human again.

The Beast from Over the Garden Wall

The Beast is the primary antagonist in the Cartoon Network miniseries, Over the Garden Wall. He lurks in the Unknown, cloaked in shadow, with two glowing eyes. Black turtles indicate his presence. He speaks in a deep voice, and sings “Come Wayward Souls.” He influences the Woodsman to do his bidding under the premise of protecting his daughter’s soul in the lantern. In the final episode, the Beast tries to capture Greg’s soul to turn into a tree. Wirt realizes the Beast’s soul is trapped in the lantern all along and destroys it, defeating the Beast. References to Dante’s Inferno equate the Beast with Lucifer.

Lorna from Over the Garden Wall

Lorna is a character from the animated series Over the Garden Wall and is voiced by Shannyn Sossamon. Over the Garden Wall follows brothers Wirt and Greg as they travel to the Unknown and encounter many strange things and characters along the way. Lorna is a teen girl who is sick and cared for by her adoptive aunt, Auntie Whispers. Wirt and Greg meet her in episode seven of the series.

Lorna wears a white bonnet, a white apron, and a green skirt that matches the green lace trim that can be added to her deep teal shirt or sweater.

sara from over the garen wall

Sara from Over the Garden Wall

Sara (voiced by Emily Brundige) appears in episodes nine and ten of Over the Garden Wall.  Sara is a classmate of Wirt.  She serves as her school mascot and both Wirt and Jason have a crush on her.  Sara’s Halloween costume is an interesting mash-up.  She wears a Nasa bomber jacket over a clown jumpsuit and her face is painted to resemble a skull.  To recreate her look, you may need to get a little creative, as an exact replica of her jumpsuit is difficult to find.  If you’re willing to be flexible, a sleeveless jumpsuit might stand in place with the jacket and collar over it to disguise the change.  Otherwise, a dark-colored onesie might work instead, or you can DIY it a little with fabric paint and a plain, light-colored jumpsuit. If you don’t want to paint your face, a skull mask can work as well.  Many of the Nasa jackets available for purchase are much more flashy than Sara’s, so a plain jacket and a few patches may be a better fit for her look.  The patches can be attached by sewing, gluing, or even using double-sided wall tape.

Greg from Over the Garden Wall

In Over the Garden Wall, Greg (voiced by Collin Dean) is Wirt’s younger half-brother. Unlike his worrywart brother, Greg is carefree and loves adventure. For this costume, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves to hem the overalls and dye them olive green and to paint the teapot-hat silver.


In Over the Garden Wall, Wirt (voiced by Elijah Wood), along with his half-brother Greg, must find their way out of a strange forest called the Unknown. His tall red gnome hat might make him look playful, but he’s actually serious and worry-prone, unlike his sibling.

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