Travis Henderson from Paris, Texas

In Paris, Texas, Travis Henderson (Harry Dean Stanton) is found wandering the West Texas desert in a weather-beaten suit, worn out shoes, and red cap. Throughout the movie he wears clothes like this, mostly browns and tans in traditional western clothes, complemented with a bright red hat or shirt. It eventually is revealed that his troubles have something to do with his missing wife Jane.

Jane Henderson from Paris, Texas

Jane Henderson (played by Nastassja Kinski) is the wife of Travis Henderson in the film Paris, Texas.  Travis reappears after four years missing and sets out to find Jane with their young son.  They discover Jane in Houston, where she works at a peep show.  Her most iconic costume from the film is by far the hot pink sweater she dons during her first interaction with Travis.  It’s hard to find an exact match for her low-back hot pink fuzzy sweater, but there are many sweater dresses that offer similar silhouettes or textures.  Wearing a low-neck dress backward can help imitate the cut of Jane’s sweater from the film.  Complete the look with hot pink lips and shoes to match, as well as black stockings and a short blond wig.

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