Akane Hino from Smile PreCure!

Akane Hino (voiced by Asami Tano and Colleen Ann Villard) is one of the main characters of the anime series Smile PreCure!  Akane’s alter ego is Cure Sunny, who controls the power of flames and fire.  Akane has red hair and eyes, and is typically seen in an orange sweater with yellow intersecting lines and red pockets, jeans, and red flats.  If you are feeling crafty, you could always take some fabric paint to an orange tunic to make it more closely resemble her actual outfit.  As Cure Sunny, Akane’s hair becomes orange and much longer and she sports an orange and yellow outfit.  Finding a cosplay outfit for Akane’s alter ego can be difficult, especially at an affordable price, but if you are willing to take some time to mix and match other pieces and layer them together, you can achieve a similar look. Layer an orange corset or bustier over a ruffled tank top to recreate the epaulets of Sunny’s uniform, and use costume spats to make your heels and thigh high stockings look more like her costume boots.  Tie a yellow ballet skirt, but leave it open, over an orange mini to evoke the multi-layered outfit she wears in the series.

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