Adrian Veidt

Adrian Veidt is a character in HBO’s Watchmen portrayed by Jeremy Irons. He used to fight crime under the name Ozymandias, but he retired from heroics to become a businessman. However, his master intelligence and business skills led him down a villainous path. Deciding to “save” humanity from nuclear annihilation, he plotted a fatal alien invasion. Adrian and Dr. Manhattan made a deal that he would erase his memories in exchange for a utopia under the care of the clones of Mr. Phillips and Ms. Crookshanks. For the costume, drape the purple fabric over the bodysuit and secure it with the gold belt.

Dr. Phillips from Watchmen

Mr. Phillips is a character in HBO’s Watchmen, or more specifically, a race of identical male clones created by Doctor Manhattan. Paired with the identical female clones of Ms. Crookshanks, they represent the Adam and Eve of Doctor Manhattan’s new world. The sole motive of the clones is to help others. Later on, they turn to serve Adrian Veidt. Mr. Phillips has multiple outfits with Ms. Crookshanks. This guide shows his medical wear.

dollar bill from watchmen

Dollar Bill from Watchmen

Dollar Bill, real name William Brady, was a member of the Minutemen, the first team of superheroes in the Watchmen universe.  A corporate superhero sponsored by a bank, William was an exceptional athlete, but his life was cut tragically short when his cape got caught in a revolving door when he tried to stop a bank robbery and he was shot at point-blank range.  Dollar Bill’s costume consists of red, white, and blue pieces.  The blue unitard can be layered underneath red shorts, gloves, and socks, and then paired with a red cape.  To get his iconic dollar sign insignia, use a little white fabric paint on the blue suit.  Then, you can glue or sew white stars onto the bodysuit and cape.

The Comedian from Watchmen

The Comedian from Watchmen

Eddie Blake is not what you would call a nice man. He’s done his fair share of hero work as The Comedian and the press loves his patriotic public persona. But behind closed doors he’s not what most people would call a hero. Jeffrey Dean Morgan manages to bring a certain charm to the character in Zack Snyder’s 2009 adaptation. But it’s up to the audience how long that charm holds out.

Blake is a military man and a good portion of his costume is inspired by the military. Black combat boots, black tactical pants, and his thigh holster with a (costume) pistol all stem from his interest in the military. His chest piece is pretty easy to recreate with a paintball vest and leather belts can be repurposed as the straps over his shoulders. His belt buckle can also be recreated using black foam painted with the same silver spray paint you’ll need to modify pre-made shoulder protectors so they have the red, blue, and silver colors Blake wears.

Add a mustache, mask, and smiley button as your finishing touches and you’re good to go. Just don’t forget the cosmetics glue to keep your mask in place!

Pirate Jenny from HBO’s Watchmen

Pirate Jenny (Jessica Camacho) from the HBO series Watchmen is an anarchist at heart. She has joined The Watchmen to fight for justice by any means necessary. Her style is part functionality and part intimidation factor. A decent amount of crafting will need to go into the headpiece and mask. Luckily it is more ripping and tearing than sewing work.The bleached tee could be cut around the collar and stretched as desired. The fishnet hair net will need to go over your head and can be ripped liberally over the eyes. She has a dark smokey eye shadow peeking through the eye holes in her mask. The key to making this look work is expressing its been worn in. Use a close-up image of her face when making your mask so you can follow all the layers of fishnet and mesh it includes. May need some easy hand sewing for the thin layer of white mesh over her nose and mouth.

ms crookshanks from hbo watchmen

Ms. Crookshanks from HBO’s Watchmen

Ms. Crookshanks (played by Sara Vickers) is a devoted servant in HBO’s Watchmen. One of the clone servants of Adrian Veidt, she is an important partner throughout much of his story. Crookshanks is dressed much like a classic maid with a conservative dress, apron, and sensible black heels.

Lady Trieu from HBO's Watchmen

Lady Trieu from HBO’s Watchmen

Lady Trieu (played by Hong Chau) is the smartest woman in the world when she is introduced in HBO’s Watchmen series. However, much like her father, she can also be narcissistic and cruel. Lady Trieu’s signature look consists of cream and white colored fabrics with long sleeves, high necklines, and gloves.

Bian My from HBO's Watchmen

Bian My from Watchmen

In HBO’s Watchmen, Bian My (Jolie Hoang-Rappaport) is the precocious daughter of Lady Trieu, who strangely suffers nightmares of the Vietnam War including a memory of the Comedian burning down her village. It’s later revealed that Bian is a clone that Lady Trieu created of her own deceased mother.

sister night from hbo's watchmen

Sister Night from HBO’s Watchmen

In HBO’s Watchmen, Detective Angela Abar (played by Regina King) dons a mask to become Sister Night in order to help maintain law and order in the City of Tulsa. Having vowed revenge against the Seventh Kavalry for the death of her partner and his wife, Angela is a skilled martial artist and exceptional detective. Sister Night’s costume keeps Angela’s identity hidden and her family safe from criminals. A long overcoat, rosary beads, and face mask help transform Angela into her vengeful alter ego.

Panda Watchmen

Panda from Watchmen

In Watchmen, Panda (Jacob Ming-Trent) is a detective of the Tulsa Police Department in charge of permitting police officers to unlock their service weapons. He is a pencil pusher who is very by-the-books, which draws the ire of the other officers. To complete the look, add plenty of dirt and grime to the panda mask, and fill the binder with mind-numbing paperwork.

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