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The Powerpuff Girls

…Don’t let the Powerpuff Girls‘ size or cuteness fool you for a second. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup can use their superpowers to subdue even the biggest and meanest criminals in Townsville, USA let alone the likes of you….

Blisstina ‘Bliss’ Utonium

…felt emotions too strongly. After accidentally blowing up the house, she sends herself into exile. She reunites with her family in the Powerpuff Girls special, “The Power of Four.”…

Ms. Bellum

…In The Powerpuff Girls, Ms. Sara Bellum (voiced by Jennifer Martin) is the deputy of the mayor and not just a beauty, but the brains behind the operation. At least we assume she’s a beauty, we haven’t been able to glimpse her face as it’s always cut off from the screen or blocked by her lush red hair….

Cosplay at Katsucon 2020

…rizella (plus their cat, Lucifer). Darla (@kai.esh_black) from the DC movie Shazam! Check out our Shazam (Billy Batson) costume guide. Him (@thephantomb) from The Powerpuff Girls. Check out our costume guides for the other characters, including the Powerpuff Girls, Blisstina, and Ms Bellum. Mrs. Lovett (@emmajiqrubini) and Sweeney Todd (@the.insta.grant) from Tim Burton’s movie of the Sondheim musical. Who’s that Pokemon? It’s Eevee (@regalreignco…