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Make Your Own: Vanya’s Autobiography from The Umbrella Academy

…book, close-up. Anyone else notice that Gerard Way, the co-creator of the Umbrella Academy comics, wrote an accolade on the back of the book? I will be using these two images as references, and I’ll do my best to re-create some of the more “complicated” elements of this design (e.g. a picture of Vanya as a child, wearing her Academy uniform) using my passable photoshop skills, so you don’t have to. :) Step 1: Taking Measurements Find a paperback…

Reginald Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy

…llionaire who adopted seven children with superhuman abilities. Dubbed the Umbrella Academy, he trained the seven to become superheroes. Due to his selfish yet mysterious motives, he was a less than stellar father figure. He can be downright abusive, such as locking Klaus in mausoleums and suppressing Vanya’s powers. In the first episode, breaking news announces his death, and the Hargreeves siblings reunite to investigate. They meet him again in…

Grace Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy

…In The Umbrella Academy, Grace Hargreeves (Jordan Claire Robbins), better known as Mom, is the adoptive mother of the Umbrella Academy kids. She is actually a robot built by Reginald after Vanya kept killing their nannies using her powers….

The Rumor from The Umbrella Academy

…a rumor that you want to cosplay The Rumor from The Umbrella Academy using items from Amazon. Oh, you do? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Rumor, real name Allison Hargreeves is one of seven super-powered siblings from the dysfunctional Umbrella Academy family. Her ability? Making anyone do anything she says, so long as she prefaces her statement with “I heard a rumor….” But can someone as narcissistic and manipulative as The Rumor hand…

Ben Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy

…another apocalypse. He has a heart to heart moment with her before going towards the light and crossing over for good. When the Hargreeves siblings jump forward in time, they end up back in the academy, and see a portrait of Ben over the mantel. The cliffhanger is Ben being alive in this timeline and not recognizing his siblings in the new Sparrow Academy….

Vanya Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy

…In The Umbrella Academy, Vanya Hargreeves (Ellen Page), aka Number Seven, is best known as the White Violin. She is a meek violinist who has no interest in the academy and is alienated from her siblings. It turns out she has the most powerful ability of all, which has long been suppressed by her father Reginald with the help of drugs….

Make Your Own: Cult Klaus from The Umbrella Academy

…go: “I have to cosplay that.” Picture me on my couch watching The Umbrella Academy Season 2, seeing Klaus, screaming at my television and immediately Googling reference pictures. Fans of the Hargreeves siblings can agree that Klaus’ cult outfit was a LOOK. Usually, I have an idea of how to construct a cosplay in my head, but I had no idea what to do about that coat. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Netflix design team or a magic wand to make the coat…

Lila Pitts from the Umbrella Academy

Lila Pitts (Ritu Arya) is a character in season two of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. First introduced as Diego’s fellow psychiatric patient, Lila has a secret behind her witty comebacks and street smarts. She is actually the adopted daughter of The Handler — peep the red boots — and possesses the power of mimicry. She helps carry out her plan to track down Number Five, who supposedly killed her parents. She uses her powers to maim the Hargree…

Cha-Cha from The Umbrella Academy

…(Mary J. Blige) works for The Handler as a time-traveling assassin, who does her job to prevent cataclysmic ends to the world (or allow them, if it’s for the greater good of the timeline) and likes it. Her current target is the Umbrella Academy‘s Number Five. Does it concern her ever so slightly that her partner, Hazel, has gotten distracted and just a little bit softhearted over the friendly proprietor of the local doughnut shop? It is entirely p…

The Handler from The Umbrella Academy

…In The Umbrella Academy, The Handler (Kate Walsh) is the head of the Commission and Five’s former boss, who works to assassinate anyone who might disrupt the timeline. After chasing Number Five down, she offers him a job with the Commission due to his time-traveling abilities and “stick-to-itiveness”….